'The Aftermath' Issue


The Aftermath Issue is architecturally an advanced step ahead of our past issues making rounds today. This issue covers Savage X Fenty by Rihanna, features Romero Bryan London an Elite Luxury Designer sharing some introspection in an exclusive interview on his recent journey in Fashion including being a Professor at UAL (University of Arts London). There's also more juicy material including the Cover Star Barbora Zeigler and Jordan Love featured with Zac Von Sleek.

Cyclolore’s REVOLVER

The Cyclolore Revolver is a formulation of spellbinding & emerging entities, that include Artist, Organizations, Localities to exist within our magazine pages for a dynamic streaming exhibition. The Revolver is a fresh and technologically advance implementation & an additional medium that is the heart of Cyclolore and the innovative intent behind our name.

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Cyclolore Magazine ‘The Aftermath’ Issue N°4 Cover

Cyclolore Magazine ‘The Aftermath’ Issue N°4 Cover

Barbora Z.’s Cover Story Introduction / Cyclolore Magazine ‘The Aftermath’ Issue

Barbora Z.’s Cover Story Introduction / Cyclolore Magazine ‘The Aftermath’ Issue

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This is not a drill! I’m so excited I have the opportunity to let you guys in on a free web-based music streaming platform that I’ve been working with called VIBBIDI accessible on any device connected to the internet.

I’ve been given a suitable chance by VIBBIDI to convey a sneak-peak of the upcoming features that they will be unleashing this summer.

Binding AI technology and User submission the core of VIBBIDI is an uber synthesis of your top enjoyed music streaming services and a social media platform allowing you developmental powers at your fingertips to contribute to a fully-controlled experience by the User Community. All in one place they offer you Music Videos, Singles, Albums, Remixes, User-made Cover Videos, Lyrics, News and so much more that you can access on every page so that you're in proximity with any of the content your searching for on your favorite artist. Believe it or not, it even allows you to have a curating hand in the expansion of the music industry.

VIBBIDI isn’t lightweight on choices of content with an expansive and immense catalog you can delight in your most random selections of content from the huge A-list Artists known from the past through today to the vague, underground acts hidden from the mainstream. Not only that but VIBBIDI’s primary feature is a new writing program known as ‘Narratives’ that allows you to completely liberate your thoughts and your emotions with no worries of judgment or boundaries to be found, literally. I’ve tried to push the bounds with my perspectives being as real as I could make them, but this is truly a fantastic music streaming platform that loves that. The ball is 100% in your court to express exactly how you feel and that could be the traditional top-notch professional articles highlighting the background of a style of music or the playful hobbyist type. If you're interested in seeing some of my own writing, you can find it at vibbidi.net/cbenson.

If composing Narratives or collecting music isn't’ your forte, they additionally have specially-curated collections that are known as ‘Themes’. These are flawless picks of Albums based around mood, genre, the time period, and other aesthetics that are guaranteed to pique your interest while also promoting User-produced Playlists that everybody can stumble upon as fresh music that they experiencing for the first time.

They’re also operating a special promotion in advance of the formal platform-launch this summer where they will personally transition any Music, Playlists, and Profile information that you store on the mobile app to their brand new web-platform. This is an amazing opportunity as it gives you a head-start on a thriving community designed just for passionate music lovers like myself. I’m always listening to music and always engaging with different artist’s material but now I find myself less scattered all over the place burning data mileage and in a central location involving everything music in a way no music service delivers today. If you feel this interest you, I’ll get you in touch just reach out to me so you can join the latest music experience to pop up in the music industry.

VIBBIDI is very enthusiastic and passionate about embracing you into a wonderful addition of music proudly stating “We Are Everything For Music”. You guys can give them a try at https://www.vibbidi.net if you are trying to be ahead of the curve.

Thank you, everybody, be blessed!