Cyclolore Magazine  | N°1 | April 2017

Cyclolore Magazine | N°1 | April 2017

About Cyclolore

Cyclolore was founded by Little Rock, Arkansas native Christopher Benson in 2016 and is a technological, metaphysical and photographical bundle of inspiration and forwardness designed universally for art enthusiast of unlimited kinds. Cyclolore Magazine is published under Cyclolore, LLC a New York State digital media publishing company, with visual work from all around the planet.


Whether it’s taking readers behind-the-scenes of the creative process artists undergo while illuminating their brand/product, or showcasing less fixated ideas and visions we aim to curate a sound body of knowledge that exemplifies art in its many forms. The art of showcasing photography intertwiningly with communications are the top two conceiving factors responsible of Cyclolore Magazine. Readers having the pleasurable interactive experience to enjoy virtual adventures and discover new ideas and people is what makes Cyclolore Magazine such an intellectual joyride of an experience.