Donald Trump's Possible Collusion with Russia to Destabilize America Investigated by FBI

Graphics courtesy of MGN.

Graphics courtesy of MGN.

All the more explicitly, President Trump meandered the dinner lobby and inclined toward an unfilled seat alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was likely not a move that Trump had talked about with his helpers ahead of time. Convention allowed him to convey one interpreter to supper—and his translator of decision communicated in Japanese. Some portion of the risk of the ad li discussion was Putin's craftiness, his expertise at revising reality by keenly demanding his very own example of actualities. There was likewise Trump's bizarre propensity to stoop toward the Russian chief.

Since there was no U.S. official listening in on the discussion, we have no record of information exchanged amid this hour of kibitzing. Furthermore, for a few days, there was not in any case an official affirmation of it. In spite of the numerous observers who saw him saddle up to Putin, Trump expelled different reports about it as "fake news."

In the chaotic aftermath at the FBI following Director James Comey's firing, a half-dozen senior FBI officials huddled to set in motion the momentous move to open an investigation into President Donald Trump that included trying to understand why he was acting in ways that seemed to benefit Russia.

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They debated a range of possibilities, according to portions of transcripts of two FBI officials' closed-door congressional interviews obtained by CNN. On one end was the idea that Trump fired Comey at the behest of Russia. On the other was the possibility that Trump didn't have an improper relationship with the Kremlin and was acting within the bounds of his executive authority, the transcripts show.

James Baker, then-FBI general counsel, said the FBI officials were contemplating with regard to Russia whether Trump was "acting at the behest of and somehow following directions, somehow executing their will."