Meet NYC songbird Johnny Silvestry!

In creative control of his own starship in the music industry Johnny develops the ideas and concept to his own music videos, which adds to the list of his amazing talents. Multitasking between the screenwriting, acting, and performing he can be found on YouTube covering songs from Beyoncé to Lana Del Rey and singing songs dedicated to Sandy Hook victims of Newtown, Connecticut. His sophomore studio album “Opening up” took 3 years to produce which served as the follow-up to his debuted Gospel/Contemporary inspired album “Canciones De Esperanza. The origins of Silvestry’s influence of Gospel are from the likes of singers like “Lilly Goodman, Donnie McClurkin, Cece Winams and Alvin Slaughter. This makes a lot of sense hearing how his sound in the pop genre morphed to be like so.

This talented musician has been in love with music since he was in his elementary school choir, check out the love-binding lyricist Johnny Silver. He’s released music video after music video from YouTube to EllenTube that takes his fans on the adventures of love. When we listen to Johnny we instantly feel attached to the passion in his voice, as well as the gentleman he carries himself as. The combination of the two are irresistible, and a pleasure when experiencing Silvesty, audibly and visually. With his many performances, the NYC based singer keeps an active ongoing engagement with the crowd, from NYC clubs and bars to the colossal stage in Queens Pride, a festival celebrating LGBT Pride in the communities of NYC. The “Lesson Learned: singer makes continuous efforts to express his love through music to his fans bringing those of the community and industry together. Silvestry can be streamed on Spotify, and purchased through iTunes, Amazon Music, CB Baby, and Rhapsody. With 2 LP’s and an EP with ‘The House Men” under his belt, he’s exercised those contemporary R&B vocals with exceptional repetition throughout the years. Artistically, he’s the ultimate triumph don’t you think? It wasn’t easy for him growing up in New York City under his roof, “I tried very hard to fight back my tears,” Johnny shares at his music video premiere release party for his single “Enough” with ‘The House Men”. Despite all the pain Johnny may have endured as a youngster, he still has manage to embody that very love in its many forms, letting the love continue to flow through his strides in music as it’s what being a musician is all about. Love makes the world spin and let’s accept the fact that when someone can penetrate the keyhole to emotions with love through music and musicianship it breeds all the necessary.