Gabrielle Union & Jada Pinkett Smith Hash out 17 Year Beef

The two Hollywood Juggernauts have had tension for about seventeen years behind the scenes that a lot of people are saying they never even knew existed. Well the two sat down together on ‘Red Table Talk’ to layout these issues on the table like real Ladies should do in times like these. Red Table Talk is a weekly series of candid dialogs featuring Jada, her daughter Willow and her mother Adrienne. This has opened therapeutic doorways allowing a mediating cypher to take place in front of the camera for the two on the representation of how Hollywood & the Entertainment industry functions in regards to woman, and especially black woman.


Red Table Talk

Light Vs Dark

Everyone by now knows that there is a lot of unnecessary bias that goes on politically behind the scenes of Hollywood & productions. There has been interviews after interviews of actresses discussing the matter and their position on the issue. For instance, Nia Long touched on this in an interview even “But the woman I was in constant competition with, mostly it was Jada. It was like oh do you want the ‘ brown skin’ spicy girl or do you want the ‘light skin’ spicy girl, which one do you want?”, Nia Long Spoke.

This probably had something to do with the 17 year long feud between Gabrielle Union & Jada Pinkett Smith, the competition between jobs back then was real and Gabrielle Union was self-proclaimed a “mean girl”, having issues with her self-esteem. The most refreshing thing about this subject matter is the fact that the two is the ownership of the accountability of their actions. The two talked about a lot of things as Gabrielle Union talked about how her ‘mean girl past’ affected her. She told a story on how she was hating on another woman, “a hot, L.A. Girl”, adding that she began to feel like she was shrinking, also how and her life coach AJ Johnson had to bring her to a reality check. We watched Gabrielle take a humongous stride into self-accountability saying that she had been communicating through negativity, that she had been shrinking other people in hopes that she was growing. So much transparency that was shown that could very much appreciated by anyone who watched.




Gabrielle Union didn’t hold back when it came to putting herself out on the line of exposure in regards to being a catalyst to all the debacle through the 17 years. Gabrielle says, “ I had to call a thing a thing first.” Jada Smith follows that up with “ohh, and what was that?” and Gabrielle continues saying “I’m a hater, I’m a troll. It’s hard, it’s painful to recognize that you are the common denominator for the vast majority of your problems, but people will tell you that your just keeping it real.” Does that not come off as a huge shove away from playing into victim hood?

Only regression comes from not noticing your wrongs and faults to grow from, you simply lose valuable friends over it, you attract negative folks around you. “And people will let you be a victim your entire lives, but people will let you be there because being a victim is also comfortable for everybody else. A lot of people lose a little bit of control. It’s easer to control a victim than it ease is a healed evolved person, the goal is to watch you be miserable and there is something that is appealing about your misery to them”, Gabrielle says.