Fenty Beauty Enlists TIME's 25 Best Inventions of 2017, Earning 3rd place in Earned Media Value

“I’m honored and I have to send love to everyone who’s supported this brand in the 2 months that we’ve been here! Glory to the most High.” Says Rihanna.


Rihanna completes her ownership takeover of the year 2017 of all the amazing things she’s achieved by being listed as one of Twenty-Five Best Inventions of 2017 in TIME Magazine this past November. Of all the ridiculously interesting things to tug on the entry list of TIME’s list of 25 Best Inventions of 2017 that Fenty Beauty neighbors like the non-sense low-cal ice cream and iPhone X made completely of glass. Even the Telsa Model 3 and Nintendo are neighboring Fenty Beauty but you can count on Fenty Beauty to invent the real problem solver from the darkest dark of skin tones to the lightest of the albino white of skin tones, the effort put at hand has proven to be 100% real and authentic. An incredibly diverse makeup range for all skin shades and textures leaving the notoriously white major make up lines of the beauty industry to lazily piggyback on the Fenty Beauty success which is ok, better sooner than later right?

The Social Angle  

According to WWD the Fenty Beauty Make-up Line’s Earned Market Value (EMV), a metric that measures worth of the product based in social marketing terms, outpaced earnings of other major Make-Up lines for instances Kylie Cosmetics, Kim Kardashian West’s  KKW Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and NYX. Fenty Beauty was only topped in this particular metric by MAC & cult-favorite brand Anastasia Beverly Hills by selling a whopping $72 Million in its 1st Existing Month – September 2017. MAC according to Tribe Dynamics reported in $77.1 million in this particular (EMV) metric scale yet the Fenty Beauty brand really took a leap forward not only in terms of quality in the make-up itself, but in terms of the socially conducive aspect of the brand. When thinking of the intentionally designed packaging, the aesthetic behind it visually and economically, creates such a more personal relationship to this beauty invention idealistically and physically, all the way to even its diversified taste in models in the array of campaigns shot and revealed so far. Therefore Fenty Beauty received a ton of promotion that wasn’t bargained for thanks to social media and the digital space. Bloggers with massive followings directed (FREE) Fenty Beauty EMV Flow, Fashion Magazines, Beauty Editors, and so many others directly assisted.

Roc Nation | TIME Best 25 Inventions of 2017



Rihanna’s Involvement via TIME & Vogue

Rihanna briefly interviewed with TIME discussing her background with  make-up and how her first experiences of a woman putting on make-up was her mother. Rihanna verbalized the importance she also felt that was in the inclusion of the make-up, for no one to feel left out at a make-up counter. The development behind the make-up line Rihanna also says she was 100% involved in which explains why the quality has such a genuinely receptive vibe when you sense media reviews in entireties or see that the shelves at Sephora are empty because the make-up line sold out, as they are known to d

In a live Candid interview with Vogue’s Hamish Bowles in a ‘Forces of Fashion’: A conversation with Rihanna, she also voiced that  she genuinely enjoys making make-up and when asked why she felt It took s olon for the shade void to be filled she says, “I think there are brands out there that have been widening their ranges of shade tones but haven’t been able to have a moment, or that people even know about it”, acknowledging that she doesn’t believe that she is the first.