Libya's Slave Trade & Smuggling Emergency Evacuation Rendered by International Assistance

Thanks to the late seeming reporting of CNN late November 2017, the leaders of Niger, Germany, France, Chad, and Libya and four other countries agreed on an Emergency Evacuation operation.  


Why Slave Trade in Libya?

Libya is the main transitional point for refugees and migrants that aim to reach Europe by the ocean. Going back three years ago 150,000 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Lybia and according to the numerical data from The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is the United Nations migration agency, 3,000 refugees have died in the process of attempting the journey. 

The absolute rush of migrants through Libya that wanted to get out of poverty is fueling this horrific slave auction and trafficking situation , "Following a dream that doesn't exist", says Lenard Doyle, Director of Media and Communications for the IOM in Geneva tells TIME. According to the IOM in April, documented reports of "slave markets" along the migrant routes in North Africa "tormenting hundreds of young African men bound for Libya."

The country was descended into civil war since Muammar Gaddafi who ran the country was ousted in 2011. This was because a transitional government didn't enforce rule of law which catalyzed these factions of militias, gangs, tribes, 

How Will Libya Overturn the Crisis? 

International Intervene  

On Novermber 29th, African Leaders and European leaders came together to considerate on a highly prioritized evacuation strategy to oversee about 15,000 fly out of the largely considered failed state, Libya. Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations accurately relays "to see the pictures of these men being treated like cattle, and to hear the auctioneer describe them as quote 'big strong boys for farm works'& should shock the conscience of us all." Not only should it shock the conscience of us all but specifically as the greatest Country in the world who sets wordly standards and influences, should be a whiplashing flashback to how our own country was built, on the backs of the slavery taken place here. 

A Slave Auction in Virginia; 1861

A Slave Auction in Virginia; 1861

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the recent Summit,  and labeled this tragedy 'a crime against humanity' leading to a vow between Summit members to considerate a " launch concrete military and police in action on the ground to dismantle those Networks.", according to The Guardian. Additional operations will include 'a task force' in aims to Target traffickers according to BBC

How you can Help? 

Awareness, Connectivity, & Action are key to creating massive change for the slave trading & smuggling of considered 'commodities' in Libya. When we act in a connective way of coming together we become affective on the exact same scale.

Sharing announcements and tweets about persevering not-for-profits is a viable and supportive signal. The more introduction an association gets, the more probable they'll wind up getting the enthusiasm of somebody who has the assets they have to proceed with their work. While you're retweeting the envisioned playlist for the forthcoming imperial wedding gathering, hurl some RTs to a charitable or two. In the event that you see something, share something. 

Spend Your Money Wisely and Combatively

A few organizations make a point to have ecologically and financially practical supply chains as well as they join forces with associations that do. In spite of the fact that this may not straightforwardly address bondage, it addresses neediness, which is a main consideration with regards to constrained work. 

Making a powerful financial biological system in the (regularly poor) nations where such a large number of consumable things are made and collected, implies that those groups will have choices and dependability and not be as defenseless against decimation that accompanies profound neediness. Numerous associations that work with partnerships have logos that are effectively spotted on bundling, so it just takes a look to be a more capable customer. There are additionally organizations that do expressly work to keep constrained work out of their supply chains. Give them a yell as well


Hold Trump and All Elected Officials Accountable

Follow These Organizations:

Free the Slaves


Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

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Libyan Slave  trafficking of young men  to be treated as commodities in considered  'Lucratively Industrial'   Slave auction. 

Libyan Slave trafficking of young men to be treated as commodities in considered 'Lucratively Industrial'  Slave auction.