Black Lives Matter won't become taboo anytime soon.....

The issue is a well spread topic throughout the world. In 2016, America saw its realest racial killings in virtual flesh through social media, news outlets and YouTube channels. First of Alton Sterling then shortly after Philando Smith in which the brutality couldn’t have been more blatant and visually disturbing than ever before. This has set ongoing tones and leaves us at a special place in history for America. The racial problem is a seed that must be nurtured or addressed head on in as many ways & on as many platforms as possible, but instead faces filtering of denial on many fronts. The killings of Alton Sterling & Philando Smith have struck the hearts of a multitude of nations and have sparked numerous amounts of conversation. This is a strong seed to water when such opposition is sparked in the continuously evolving technological age we live in. The killings of Alton Sterling & Philando Smith awakened a shootout between 2 snipers & over 10 police officers, and with the lack of proper nourishment from those in media, political & corporation power, etc. the problems will continue to face horrible events of the nature. African Americans have built a lot of the Economical success of newborn America from 1700’s to Mid-1900’s yet have taken accountability for an overflow of statistics regarding the racially slain African Americans. 

 One of the most awakened summers in a very long time consisted of activist and protests in streets all across the country. A statement was even made on behalf of the Police just that black lives matter Department of Dallas wishing unity could be more prominent in our country. With mixed feelings from different sources concerning that all lives matter not just “black lives”, continues controversial conversation on the main issue. A lot of those fighting the rebuttals of those countering Black Lives Matter with that excuse are fight with the fact that it doesn’t mean all lives don’t matter. Black lives have simply been endangered from a concerning length of time. An online social media campaign called “#AllLivesDidn’tMatterWhen”, was even started this summer with the postings of different times black people’s lives didn’t matter. One of these postings even spread visual knowledge of white scientist infecting black Alabamian men with Syphilis camouflaged to be “Flu Shots” in early 1900’s.   One of the even more notable things deriving from the explosion of the racial killings is the compilations of videos of Caucasian white males resisting arrest with police officers and much worse, uploaded to social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The videos sparked typical comments from all kinds of races, on the difference of black lives and black encounters with police in America and specifically in how different black men, women, boys and girls are treated throughout their daily lives.  

Many choose to outright ignore the differences while others accept the truths they witness, while others agree with another truth that Blacks should stop killing each other. From the Dallas police killings involving the 2 snipers or the Baton Rouge Police killing of Alton Sterling, innocent police are seeking an understanding that all police officers are bad cops. I’ve watched more than a few interviews concerning the mirage of bad cops/good cops on YouTube and the distortion seems to derive from the silence and denial of the majority of police interviewed. Is there a sense of loyalty in their network as police officers and does that prevent the addressing of serious issues that can create effective change? As a 90’s baby growing up in the continuously evolving generation we live in now, there’s a lot of confusion and distortion. There’s civil movements going in one direction and then spiritual movements that in another. Where does this leave people when the objective to just live out of happiness and fulfillment, with the lack of judgement in their hearts?