'THC' Drug Testing Now Restricted from Hiring Process & Probation as NYC Announced Passed Bill

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The NYC Council declared that they just passed bills restricting weed testing being required as a major aspect of the hiring procedure in New York City, and prohibiting the City from requiring maryjane testing for individuals on post trial supervision.

'This bill will close one trap door that trips people up," said the gathering's Public Safety Committee seat Donovan Richards. “Too many people come out, they are trying to do better, and they get busted for marijuana and go back into jail or prison. This sets them back.”

 This is undoubtedly a breakthrough for the Metropolitan area considering everywhere you go it smells like the mystical wonders of Cannabis. With there being less than 9 months before it officially being 2020, there seems to be a new meaning to the recreation behind its use. 

 There has been plenty of information about the medicinal advantages that THC give the human body regarding diseases, cancers, and much more published by scientists, media outlets & circulating the internet for many years. 

The city conducts several such tests every year.


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