Katy Perry goes Live for 96-hours for 'Witness' album release!


'Witness' is a very powerful album, and lyrically yields multi-dimensionality to such celebratory power.  Beginning June 9th on YouTube, Katy Perry gives the world access to five separate live video outlets (virtual windows) of streaming into her life. The genius move has left fans feeling so invited into her life and shall continue until the weekend is over completing 96-hours in which there will be a concert on Monday to end the amazing weekend. 

Katy Perry holds nothing back in such a literal sense and more now than ever before and it really comes off strong. As already in 2017 artist retain so much from giving such unfiltered, unedited views into their world. Fans and just the public in general are nosy, but in a positive light. It's all about the inside access, behind the scene style engagement in from mega pop stars 2017. Some more than others like to use that online hunger to raise anticipation of whatever sort, meanwhile Katy Perry takes things so far as to share her regular routine of eating, brushing her teeth, and even sleeping for the world to see. What ever your doing merge it with Katy Perry's fabulous luxury lifestyle of an experience as it feels like the ultimate virtual slumber party in the life of a Starlet you'd always wanted to be apart of.

The singer particulates in numerous of high caliber  interviews, cuisine gatherings and just complete inspiring atmospheric experiences to dream for. All of this while being free for access and in so much abundance. It's so much even cooler that the life video feed are archival and is history in the making. The album loops in a pleasurable background tone of the footage probably engraving deeper and deeper into the minds of her fans all around the world as everyone for the most part have been glued to the broadcast fully engaged, or sharing away on social media.


Not only all of this but there are multiple streams of comment threads that brings the chatroom vibe times five. While consistently interacting with Katy Perry's management and KP herself as you can see in different times in the life she's letting us witness with her.

Here are some notable Witness Live highlights below:

Jesse Tyler Ferguson – joining a yoga session with Katy on Friday at 12:30pm PST

Gordon Ramsay – engaging it out with Katy in a "One next to the other Challenge" on Friday at 3:00pm PST

Neil deGrasse Tyson – joining Katy for a science discussion at 6:30pm PST

Sia, Mia Moretti, Dita Von Teese – sitting with Katy and other enabling females for a 'Rose and Thorn' on Friday at 8:30pm PST

Arianna Huffington – podcast visiting with Katy on Saturday at 3:30pm PST

America Ferrera – having a "minute" with a top superstar culinary specialist Roy Choi for her association, Harness, trailed by co-facilitating a supper with Katy for Gavin Grimm and other extraordinary visitors on Saturday at 7:30pm PST

James Corden – they'll be everywhere throughout the house singing, chuckling, eating on Sunday at 10am PST

RuPaul – gab over lite chomps with Katy on Sunday at 1pm PST

Michael Ian Black – whose podcast is "The way To Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black," will be talking with Katy on Sunday at 5pm PST

Kacey Musgraves – Kacey and Katy will show fans how to play Kacey's "Take after Your Arrow" at Sunday at 6pm PST; they will likewise do a minute for MusiCares

Gigi Gorgeous – examining her YouTube Red documentary This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous with Katy on Sunday at 10pm PST


Katy Perry goes Live on YouTube for  Witness