Fenty Beauty defines New Generational Market Value & Blasts Off Holidays to Intergalactica

Rihanna's Makeup-Line takes Fashion World By Storm

There’s no way you could’ve missed the biggest launch of the year, the explosion of Fenty Beauty as we begin to say goodnight to 2017, and welcoming in another year of inspiration and the beauty of life.

The Scrambling & Shooketh Fashion World

The Fenty Beauty range takes on such a humongous risk of producing & covering so many shades in an area color-wise where big, major and popular cosmetic brands only test a few in (darker tones) and still keeping all other popular tones sold inclusive as well leaving out seemingly no one on earth in terms of skin shades. The darker shades sold out on shelves faster than any other colors because really no brand covers such a wide range of dark shades in this generation and Fenty Beauty took over the beauty world in just that way.

Pro Filt'r

Sheer to medium coverage with only a few pumps of the Fenty Beauty

Pro Filt'r

Could it really be that black businesses get funded based on proof and standard white businesses get funded or could get funded on potential leading to things like multiple leading cosmetic lines incorporating only a few shades in their range for darker toned girls to test out for the “proof” of demand in necessity to expand furtherly. The fact that other makeup lines and companies are likely to follow suit of Fenty Beauty & its inclusive range just goes to show that doing what’s right the first time around pays off better.



Fenty Beauty Primer via @DesiPerkins

Could be described as like a diminishing moisturizer, lightly tinted and should definitely be the base of your Fenty Beauty experience.

The collection was built to work best together and help you receive the full effect of Fenty Beauty, you can buy pick it up in stores at Sephora or online at Fentybeauty.com.

 Photos via @Desiperkins

Pro Filt’r


The PRO FILT'R foundation has a more watery consistency of base most foundation reviewers via their YouTube tutorials described but they were always pleased with the sheer and medium coverage with only a few pumps of the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter which is very exciting when thinking of the fact that this is only the beginning for the makeup line. Also said to blend closely to adjacent shades meaning that there will always be shades to even rely on incase your truest shade sells out on shelves.

via Cyclolore Magazine 


Match Stix Trio (Conceal, Contour, Highlight) ($54)

The match stix contouring highlight set flatters most of all skin tones perfectly and Fenty Beauty even allows you to build your own on FentyBeauty.com. The Match Stix themselves are very economical when it comes to how much of the product the customer is actually spending their money on. The packaging of the Match Stix are pretty cool as well as they are magnetized and connect to one another keeping all your products together. There are 10 Fenty Beauty Match Stix shades:

1.)    Rum—Gilded Bronze

2.)    Chili Mango—Sun-kissed Orange Sheen­­

3.)    Sinamon—Cinnamon Bronze

4.)    Blonde—Glimmering Gold

Fenty Beauty

5.)    Confetti—Iridescent Opal

6.)    Unicorn—Platinum Lilac

7.)    Yacht Lyfe—Glimmering Peach-Pink

8.)    Ridiiic—Golden Papaya

9.)    Star Struck—Iced-out Pearl

10.) Trippin—Gold-Glazed Apricot


Photo Courtesy of Coveteur 

Photo Courtesy of Coveteur 

Killawatt (Freestyle Highlighter) ($34)

The killawatt Highlighter has 4 sets of duo packaging so you can pay for 1 Killawatt highlighter and get 2 color choices, and then there is Trophy Wife and Metal Moon which come as 1 color per packaging.

1.)    Moscow Mule—Supercharged Copper Shimmer

2.)    Ginger Binge—Soft Copper Sheen

3.)    Lightening Dust – Soft Pearlescent Sheen

4.)    Fire Crystals— Super Charged Pearlescent Shimmer

5.)    Girl Next Door—Soft pink sheen

6.)    Cheek Freak—Supercharged peachy Pink Shimmer

7.)    Mean Money—Soft Champagne Sheen

8.)    Hustler Baby—Supercharged Peachy Champagne Shimmer

9.)    Trophy Wife – 3D Hyper-Metallic Gold

10.) Metal Moon—Mega-Fine White Gold Pearl


Gloss Balm (Universal Lip Luminizer)

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Balm was hand picked by Rihannna herself and is an explosive universal nude-ish rose colored lip gloss that makes the lips glisten with the perfect luminous shine. You can think of this Universal Lip Luminizer as a makeover for your lips as it leaves them fuller and plumped. Who can say no to a lip make-over without the needles and procedures, and Fenty Beauty keeps it all affordable with industry defying quality for the price.



Blotting Powder ($32)

This universal Blotting powder absorbs the glossy shine the face is known of collecting throughout the day for an instantaneously filtered look and matte look finish.

Blotting Paper ($16)

Blotting Refill Paper ($10)