The Set NYC's Nocturnal Jubilee of Art, Fashion, and Child trafficking combat.

Photography Shot by Barbora Pazourkova

Haute Couture & CoutureMask™ by Bradley Douglas  Jordan A Fashion Night Out | The Set NYC (Pim Shih) |

The Set NYC is working harder than ever on bringing the horrifying reality of child trafficking and homelessness in New York to a cease and does it all through the worship of art and well-coordinated events.

Shot by Barbora Pazourkova |  Designer: Bradley D. Jordan | CoutureMask™  |   A Fashion Night Out

Shot by Barbora Pazourkova | Designer: Bradley D. Jordan | CoutureMask™ | A Fashion Night Out

Freedom Ladder is the global non-profit combative superhero protecting children from sexual trafficking and child/adult homelessness in New York City. Education is key when it comes to prevention of Child trafficking and it’s one of Freedom Ladder’s core functions. Through various art projects, innovated educational tools. This organization is coveting the complete cease of sexual child abuse and trafficking.

A Fashion Night Out: CoutureMask – This event had such a significant vibration in energy with Bradley D. Jordan avant-garde reckoning creations meeting the eye. Each couture mask embodying variant styles in colors and ranging from different aesthetic, brought forth surreal like characteristics while holstering the identity of the wearer before the crowd.  The couture masks can be worn by any fashion or art enthusiast looking to bring incredible mystery to the occasion, and let’s face it there’s no better way to do that when facial devices exist such as these.

With the face being covered in details and design you would wonder how could one see through works of such ingenuity, these mask are completely travel-safe. That’s right, your night can be met with full force in Bradley’s couture mask, no worries on if your sight will deceive you through an event.

The A Fashion Night Out: CoutureMask™ event showcased couture mask with so much such diverse collection of fashion pieces as well, they can also be purchased from Bradley D. Jordan's online store or social media outlets. The nightly themed event gave a lightly yet uber masquerade flavor on the runway with modern and youthful influences whether you put it in prospection from models storming the fashion runway or the pieces they featured for the colossal attendees of the evening.

The couture mask event put forth by The Set NYC’ may have been a mega experience you never would have imagined missing but there is good news, it won’t be the last. The Set NYC is the epitome of enjoyable, reputable events for the arts all across New York City, and gives fashion enthusiasts a notable platform for connecting fashion pieces with consumers and giving the grounds for healthy networking in between.