Retail Juggarnaut 'H&M' Cites Plans to Close 150+ Stores in 2019 and Open 335 Stores Outside U.S. & Europe

H&M Closing 150 PLus stores .gif

H&M plans to open 335 new stores this year, however a dominant part of the openings are arranged in business sectors outside Europe and the United States, the organization said.

The news comes after H&M revealed a net deals increment of 5 percent, lower than Wall Street desires. A few different chains like Gymboree, GAP, Francesca's and other shopping center sort retailers have additionally reported plans to screen stores this year.

The organization has not yet reported the store areas that will close, however referred to plans to enhance its retail business. The organization said the United States and Norway are both testing markets, while China, India and Russia are among the nations that H&M saw both on the web and physical store development, as indicated by an organization proclamation.

H&M Store Front