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Robert Albion Zeigler NYC Photographer Captures Surrealistic Sculpture by Sebastian Errazuriz of NASA Live Stream of Earth

NYC conceptual photographer Robert Albion Zeigler owner of Albion Productions captured the final night standing of a prodigious, 20-foot, LED amped, public structure last night. The experimental contemporary art was constructed by Chilean artist & activist Sebastian Errazuriz, and also his team. The architecture featured a livestream of our planet with the help of NASA’s Satellite in the cosmos.

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Fashion Photographer Barbora @fashionloveconnection Teams with Room 1660 Clothing by Eulerich Jessica

This shoot included a series of photos that captured the beautiful Laura Jimenez in a Goth-esque session on the roof top in NYC. In one of the shots, fashion model Laura Jimenez can be seen in a stretched forward posture that accentuates the eye popping 'latex' pants in the frame. Immediately when initially seeing the photo you get strong Trinity vibes from the 90's & 2000's Blockbuster Trilogy 'The Matrix' played by the amazing Carrie-Ann Moss.

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