Marvel's Black Panther Claws to Historical Statistical Quantities in Box Office & Awaken Revolution in Toxic Climate of Entertainment Industry/ & Mass Media Arena

Wakanda - Black Panther


In a historical occasion for assorted racial-variations in Hollywood, Disney and Marvel Studios' Black Panther appear to have a record-shattering $242 million at the Box Office on President Day (Yesterday), as per refreshed evaluations.

The strong hero film left behind Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($241.6 million) to acquire more in its initial four days than any motion picture in history at the North American film industry, put something aside for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($288.1 million), not balanced for swelling. Dark Panther likewise scored the greatest Monday in history with $40.2 million, besting Force Awakens' $40.1 million.

Black Panther's three-day pull of $201.8 million is the fifth-greatest Home of USA opening ever, and the second-greatest for a hero title behind kindred Marvel picture, The Avengers ($207.4 million). All through Presidents Day end of the week, gauges for the film were constantly reexamined upward.

Black History Month's ushered 'Black Panther' Era brings cultural Revolution on the heels of H&M's racists "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" fiasco, President Trump's racists  remarks regarding Immigration Reform, & the powerfully black Oprah Winfrey's influencing & feministic charged speech.


'Black Panther' Garners Revolutionary Power

In the world of mass media production where being white and seeing infinite versions of yourself is second nature and nothing that would be considered out of the norm. In that same world of mass media curation, the cultural reflections of a diverse humanity can come out on the troubling levels of scarcity. This is seemingly the exact gravitational pull that is responsible for such an enormous cultural footprint that Black Panther has set forth long before it's actual release week, or date. Being culturally represented in such faceted fashion in public areas and in mass media allows for continuous progression at understanding one another. 


The Black Panther movie depicts what its like to be Black in the World, in Africa, and America going toe-to-toe with the modern-day issues in black lives. Director of the film, Ryan Coogler, tells TIME  "You have Superhero films that are gritty dramas or action comedies," but this movie in particular he says tackles another significant and important genre: "Superhero films that deal with issues of being of African decent."


Black Panther: The Album

After Kendrick Lamar swept a seemingly Pro-Black show of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar and his label TDE released the Pro-Black and visually stunning Music Video for All The Stars ft. SZAThe song is the first single off of the Black Panther soundtrack kicking the world into high gear for the upcoming & Revolutionizing film. The visuals blew the Internet away from the iMax quality behind SZAs performance through the stars to the  Royal presence of black culture & Kendrick Lamar being the centre of that, even running with actual black panthers through the snow in such an epic Music Video.


The inclusion of Kendrick Lamar and his label Top Dawg Entertainment came directly from Marvel  as they insisted that Kendrick Lamar install a few songs on the soundtrack. With an exclusive look at the movie one thing led to the next as told by Ryan Coogler to NPR. It's said by TDE's in-house producer Sounwave that Kendrick and company began gathering ideas, brainstorming, and writing for this project while on his tour this past August for his now Grammy decorated album DAMN that even beat Jay Z's 4:44. 


"Hats off to him and his Production Team, they made some really great songs that we got placed in there. And hats off to Sounwave, who's producing, and Ludwig, who was able to manipulate the score to incorporate some of those songs and weave them in and out of the orchestral stuff that he was already doing", says Film Director Coogler "I can't wait for people to hear the music on that Album man."

Black Panther: The Album will be available February 9th.


Toxic Treatment of Women & People of Color in Entertainment industry

This long overdue, rapidly widening reckoning of Black representation is poising a major milestone for Marvel, proving the extensive power Black Narrations have garnering profits & from no particular kind of audience. This major milestone of Marvel is additionally also because Black Panther includes an African American Director and a predominantly Black cast which is Hollywood's first blockbuster produced this splendidly Black. Not only that but the cinematic giant steps into the room right in the middle of such a toxic and cancerous Climate in the entertainment world.

H&M's 'Coolest Monkey' Racist Fiasco

The clothing giant appointed Global Leader and apologized via Associated Press after taking a real 'hit to the dom' after a controversial campaign ad of a little black child wearing a bold green "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" Hoodie sweater was released to the world via Mass Marketing. The market action outrage many A-list stars including Pop Mogul The Weeknd who cut all ties with the Retail Giant afterwards, including NBA Champion LeBron James, Rapper G-Eazy and even New York Columnist Charles M. Blow asked "Have you lost your damned minds?!?!?!"

Oprah Winfrey's Fuel Injected Speech

The Black Panther Revolution tumbles right in sync paralleling The #MeToo Movement  which was ignited to even higher influencial aptitudes after Oprah Winfrey's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Oprah Winfrey charged her speech with the scandalized sexual misconduct going on in Hollywood and the political world in the work place environment. She aims to inspire young woman through the platform of her new achievement and channeled that by making strong notation of the power behind verbalized truths. Oprah told us all watching that "speaking your truth is the most powerful tool you all have," also adding that for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men," concluding "but their time is up! Their time is up." So much Gratification was expressed by the Actress/Businesswoman as she stated "I want tonight to express gratitude to all the women who have endured years of abuse and assault because they, like my mother, had children to feed and bills to pay and dreams to pursue." Even referencing the power of Rosa Parks. In the 2017-2018 era starting with Harvey Weinstein so much sexual misconduct in the Entertainment industry has been brought to the attention of mass making it definitely a risky and dangereous thing to do.

Is there a Difference between Feminism & Black Feminism

When thinking about the issues concerning sexual abuse there does seem to be a possible sense of degrading in the debilitating sexual abuse that black woman have endured in the past and the kinds that are being exposed years later in the center of Entertainment and Hollywood. There is a notable difference to the sexual misconduct and harassment there of white supremacy/Power in the Entertainment world and the ones of the violent rapes, etc. of the days of slavery, etc. This is definitely a perfect person to drive the conversation further with the kind of gusto that Oprah pushed it to. Tyra Banks said in an interview on a press tour for America's Next Top Model Cycle 24, that the powerful presidential candidate that a lot of people felt Oprah Winfrey Personified, "is just the woman she is", noting that it wasn't anything different than just the affect she leaves when she's speaking to you. Being that Oprah herself was a victim of the horrific of reality of Rape brought a central means of relation however. She reigned multiple standing ovations for her words and presence.