Joycelyn Savage's Parents from "Surviving R. Kelly' Complicated her Emotional State from a Return Home

A video surfaced by Tasha K showing the Savage’s picking Joycelyn apart, savagely.

A family also seen in “Surviving R. Kelly” known as the ‘Savages’” can be seen from one news station to another begging and pleading to see their daughter. Yet in surfaced clasps via youtube, the same exact family can be seen picking her apart in rage it almost seems. Joycelyn is overpowered in the video and can be seen trying to answer many questions at once all while trying to balance her emotion for the video her parents were putting on her at the same time to exploit, possibly on behalf of the entire R. Kelly debacle.

It seems as though Joycelyn Savage has cut her family off completely or avoids communicating with them merely because of this seemingly raging intervention caught on video and because of their lack of compassion & consoling capabilities about her alleged ‘cult natured’ relationship with R. Kelly.

By all means, this is not undermining the parents and the love they really do have for their daughter or the severity surrounding R. Kelly’s case, or the crimes in which he should pay for. Though, had they left the public out of it and had better/or more of a consoling approach to this young adult and what she’d been through they may have a better response from her as now it seems like she’s completely disconnected, deciding and finding that comfort in the lesser of the two evils of the situation which in Joycelyn’s eyes is apparently, R. Kelly.

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