The Direction of Hurricane Dorian and What to Expect during Landfall

Florida Expected to See Strong Winds & Rain Over the Weekend and Holiday.

Category 3 storm Hurricane Dorian is forecasted to become a major hurricane Friday. (NOAA) & FOX

Category 3 storm Hurricane Dorian is forecasted to become a major hurricane Friday. (NOAA) & FOX

The fourth named squall of the sea tempest season, Dorian, was fortifying in the warm waters of the Atlantic on Friday as forecasters caution it's probable Florida will be affected by a noteworthy tempest over Labor Day weekend. At present, the National Hurricane Center has tropical storm alerts in actuality for parts of the northwestern and focal Bahamas.

Dorian's entry comes after Tropical Storm Chantal framed not long ago over the far Northern Atlantic. Subtropical tempest Andrea shaped on May 21 and immediately failed multi day later over the Atlantic, southwest of Bermuda. Tropical storm Barry, the subsequent tempest, made landfall in Louisiana on July 13 as a Category 1 tempest.

Where is Hurricane Dorian at this point?

The NHC said in its 8 a.m. ET update Friday that Dorian is a Category 2 tempest with supported breezes of 110 mph and it is moving northwest at 12 mph, situated around 255 miles east of the southeastern Bahamas. The tempest is relied upon to keep voyaging northwest throughout the following couple of days, through in any event Friday.

Courtesy of Twitter / @NHC_Atlantic

Courtesy of Twitter / @NHC_Atlantic

Where is Hurricane Dorian going?

The tempest is relied upon to keep venturing out toward the northwest on Friday, when a west-northwest movement is gauge to start and proceed into the end of the week, as indicated by the NHC.

"On this track, Dorian should move over the Atlantic well east of the southeastern and central Bahamas today and on Friday, and approach the northwestern Bahamas on Saturday," the NHC said.

As the occasion end of the week draws near, everyone's eyes will be on the tempest as it goes over the "very warm water" of the Bahamas, and after that makes a move in the direction of Florida, as indicated by Fox News meteorologist Adam Klotz.

"No matter where this ultimately goes, it does look like it’s going to land along the Florida coast but it's running over warm water and it’s going to continue to intensify," Klotz said Thursday on "Fox and Friends." “So somewhere from Miami, stretching all the way up to Jacksonville, we're going to keep watching this one as it gets closer and closer over the course of this holiday weekend."

As Dorian moves over warm waters, the tempest is required to fortify by Friday into a noteworthy sea tempest.

"Strengthening is forecast during the next few days, and Dorian is expected to become a major hurricane on Friday, and remain an extremely dangerous hurricane through the weekend," forecasters said.

The NHC has knock up the conceivable quality of Dorian to a Category 4 tempest with continued breezes somewhere in the range of 130 and 156 mph off the Florida coast.

"Dorian is likely to reach major hurricane strength in the next day or two and is forecast to maintain that status until it reaches land," the NHC said. Class 4 sea tempests bring the probability of "catastrophic" harm, as indicated by the NHC.

Colorado State University tropical storm researcher Phil Klotzbach said on Twitter the NHC gauge demonstrates Dorian may have greatest breezes of 125 mph as it approaches the Florida coast.

"If this forecast verifies, it would be the strongest hurricane to hit the Florida east coast since Andrew in 1992. Andrew had max winds of 165 mph," Klotzbach said.

What effect will Hurricane Dorian have?

Dorian has sea tempest power wraps stretching out outward up to 15 miles from the focal point of the tempest, while hurricane power winds reach out up to 90 miles outward, as indicated by the NHC.

As of Thursday morning, authorities said the danger of "life-threatening" storm flood and typhoon power twists in the not so distant future and this end of the week "continues to increase" in the focal and northwestern Bahamas and along the Florida east coast, be that as it may, it is too early to figure out where those risks will happen.

Tropical storm watches might be issued in the northwestern Bahamas by Thursday night or Friday.

"Residents should have their hurricane plan in place and listen to advice given by local emergency officials," the NHC said.

Hurricane power twists from Dorian could start in parts of Florida as ahead of schedule as Saturday evening as the tempest nears.

"Now is the time to begin thinking about what kinds of preparations you might need to make over the next couple of days," forecasters said.

The tempest is required to carry substantial rains over bits to the Bahamas this end of the week into right on time one week from now. The focal Bahamas may see somewhere in the range of two and four creeps of downpour with separated six-inch sums. As the tempest nears the northwestern Bahamas and conceivably the Florida coast, those regions could see between four to eight creeps of downpour, with disconnected 12-inch sums.

"This rainfall may cause life-threatening flash floods," the NHC said.


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