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Rihanna Follows up Sarah Paulson Intervew with Haper’s Bazaar China Story

Courtesy of Twitter / @Rihanna  #HarpersBazaarChina  by  @Chenmaner

Courtesy of Twitter / @Rihanna #HarpersBazaarChina by @Chenmaner

Courtesy of Twitter / @Rihanna . @yusefhairnyc  coming through with this hair for  #harpersbazaarchina  shot by  @Chenmaner

Courtesy of Twitter / @Rihanna .@yusefhairnyc coming through with this hair for #harpersbazaarchina shot by @Chenmaner

The last time that we saw Rihanna in the publication world she was being interviewed by Ocean’s 8 peer Sarah Paulson as we all know that Rihanna had been bombarded with production work for her super successful Fenty Luxury Fashion brand. In this interview Rihanna finally let us in on a lot of things that go on behind the scene including not getting much of any down time.

Rihanna Just Debuted Historic LVMH Luxury Fashion House Thats Paving a Path in Fashion with Pop Up in Paris

CNN reported that the Navy can blame her hectic schedule for the lack of much-needed & demanded new music. "I don't have a sleep pattern. I have sleep pockets. I fit it in when I can," Rihanna said. "That's why I take those personal days so seriously. Because it's like, 'You had all of me. I gave you the answers.' "

With Rihanna being the now most financially successful women in music according to Forbes Magazine, Rihanna gave Sarah a bit of an Insider as to how she has prioritized her production process for multiple entities. With even Sarah Paulson expressing her desire and hunger for an ANTI (2016) follow-up Rihanna album "Now, it's like a carousel," Rihanna said. "I do fashion one day, lingerie the next, beauty the next, then music the next. It's like having a bunch of kids, and you need to take care of them all."

Courtesy of Instagram/  @   badgalriri      @harpersbazaarcn  shot by  @chenman

Courtesy of Instagram/ @badgalriri

@harpersbazaarcn shot by @chenman

She continued with "It really does suck that it can't just come out, because I'm working on a really fun one right now," Rihanna said. "I'm really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it's complete.” "It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out," she said. "I've gotten to the point where I'm like, 'Even if I don't have the time to shoot videos, I'm going to put an album out.' "

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Rihanna on the Cover of August 2019  Harper’s Bazaar  / @Rihanna August Issue  # harpersbazaarCHINA   on stands July 15th!  @ kimmiekyees    @ PriscillaOno    @ yusefhairnyc    @ Chenmaner   Chief Editors: Simona Sha, WeiTian Visual Direction: Xiaomu FAN

Rihanna on the Cover of August 2019 Harper’s Bazaar / @Rihanna August Issue #harpersbazaarCHINA on stands July 15th! @kimmiekyees @PriscillaOno @yusefhairnyc @Chenmaner Chief Editors: Simona Sha, WeiTian Visual Direction: Xiaomu FAN


Ariana Grande and Toulouse on the Cover of Vogue


Ariana Grande has had an excruciating couple of years. From the Manchester besieging, to the beginning and cut off of a wild association with Pete Davidson, to Mac Miller's overwhelming demise, Ariana Grande has seen a lot of awfulness. Be that as it may, rather than staying private, she has opened up to Vogue in another main story about her encounters to sort the record out and possibly sparkle somewhat light.


Before her ex and great companion Mac Miller kicked the bucket, Grande spent the main part of their relationship battling for him, cautioning him, and determining the status of him. “By no means was what we had perfect, but, like, fuck,” she reviewed “He was the best person ever, and he didn’t deserve the demons he had. I was the glue for such a long time, and I found myself becoming … less and less sticky. The pieces just started to float away.” Now that he's gone, the sadness is "all-encompassing." She cried in front of an audience a couple of times since starting her Sweetner World Tour, once while in Miller's main residence. Be that as it may, the visit is a piece of her arrangement to "recover soon" by giving an unbending timetable. It's only difficult to sing about such close to home minutes, including her short, yet incredible association with Pete Davidson.


"My imagination's too creative," sing Ariana Grande. Surprisingly, in her own timely fashion, she's giving fans an inside look. For her "In My Head" music video, Ariana who dropped her Thank U, Next collection in February, plays out the track in an unmistakable, white room.

'Thank, u next' Completes Ariana Grande's 2nd Album in Six months as she Drops Tracklist

As indicated by Vogue, which debuted the almost three-minute video nearby Grande's August spread, executive Bardia Zeinali looked to catch the sentiment of claustrophobia.


Furthermore, in contrast to her later recordings, for example, "Thank U, Next, "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," and "7 Rings," her most recent strips away the expound showy behavior and reinforcement artists. (Apologies, there are appearances by Kris Jenner or Charles Melton this time around!) It's simply Grande, clad in an Area puffer coat and skirt, Givenchy bodysuit and $79 Yandy thigh-high boots.


The tune, as Grande tweeted in January, is tied in with "being in love w a version of somebody you've created in your head. falling for someone that they are not."

Ariana Grande's new video for "in my head," one of the most revealing, intimate songs on her February release "thank u, next," takes this confessional tendency literally, as she dances, shoulder pops, poses, and struts around inside the white room of her own mind. Still haven't subscribed to Vogue on YouTube?
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The behind-the-scenes video captures the playful and diligent team that created the surreal visual for Ariana Grande's "in my head," a track off her chart-topping album "thank u, next." Director Bardia Zeinali Fashion Editor Jorden Bickham Director of Photography Kelly Jeffrey Producer Kalena Yiaueki, N6 Producer Dayna Carney, Vogue Still haven't subscribed to Vogue on YouTube?

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