[LP Review] It’s Highly Likely that Rihanna’s Album ANTI Could Forever Maintain Relevance through the Test of Time

It’s interesting to see the way this album stands being that it’s so well documented now where Rihanna’s next album is projected to land in terms of genre (on the larger scale as far as conceptualism is concerned). I’m having the feelings that there are a lot of clues into the general directorial position in the next Rihanna album by what we already have in our music collections today. ANTI is a complex and dynamic album perceptually, sonically, lyrically, and conceptually, that Rihanna and many additional personnel spent countless time on, the continuation of this seems inevitable considering the fact that she has a crown engraved onto a human sized portrait of herself in her childhood form. I bet you ANTI can be a blueprint for everything that is to come when thinking in terms of conception, subsequent to the “Never Ending” hitmakers soon to be follow up. “Don’t say that you miss me, just come get me,” Rihanna sings on the first interlude “James Joint” that follows the lead track. Something about that lyric is already kind of playing out in a prophetic manner, as you read something everyday about the longing or details relating to a new Rihanna album. The song “James Joint” also sets a lush overtone that the album encompasses perfectly fitting for its ‘90’s neo-soul’ entry of today's pop music. One thing that I think I’ll never forget is the intentions that Rihanna put into this album of making it “timeless”, something of substance to take into consideration when listening to and depicting the album like a movie. Substance literally was the case with ANTI hence when albums cover art designed by Roy Nachum released at a congregation where in my opinion the ‘masterpiece’ was added into an exhibition at the LA MAMA Gallery which Rihanna described as her “favorite album cover."

The Never-Ending Battles of the Past

One of the songs from the album ANTI that contends to be on of if not the top influential songs of 2016 is “Love on the Brain.” The song screams timeless and can be a definite go too when I need to make a big emotional statement in response to a lover or partner in a relationship. The longing of bypassing barriers of complexities and wanting to submerge into the deepness love has to offer instead of having to continue to endure the abuse that comes with the being intimately and passionately attached to an entity. “It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good, and I can’t get enough“ and “what do I got to do to get in, your motherfucking heart” clearly stimulates this emotional acknowledgement as Rihanna also sings “Don’t you stop loving me, don’t quit loving me, just keep loving me-e (whooooh) / and babe I’m fist fighting with fire, just to get close to you, can we burn something babe, and I’ll run for miles just to get a taste, must be ‘love on the brain’”. Also everyone knows that this is one of Rihanna's top performing ballads as it was very pop friendly in its traditional R&B aesthetic with the Doo-wop that was well documented to be a part of the music’s inspirations behind ANTI. Being that this and Soul were vibing on the radio during the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s. “Love on The Brain” which resonates prominently with more elder listeners of the contemporary genre. Yet when thinking in terms of the newer generation who are so loud and outspoken by nature about their true feelings, the song is a huge takeaway for the young audience as well.

That Recurring Power to Leave or Stay

There’re many angles embellished on Rihanna's latest album ANTI of being left in an undesirable place. Even if tolerable there’s a darkness to having a rebellious spirit is main contribution to the songs sinister undertone as sometimes love can provoke. That’s why this song has been one of my favorites as I’ve kept playing throughout the years. It’s the perfect song at the end of my day when I’m continuing to dream and further creating a different route in life to a one nearer my purpose, all while being under the bright moon maybe cloud chasing or note writing. A lot of people in life just go with the norm of living on repeat in situations that aren’t necessarily developmental for them whether in love, lifestyle, profession, and there can be many explanations to why but “Desperado” gives that wormhole to an escape by all means necessary. In the song “Desperado” she sings “I’m not trying to go against you, actually I’m going with you, gotta get up outta here and you ain’t leaving me behind” signifying that there is contending tension troubling Rihanna that is trying to leave her behind. In the chorus of the song she sings “If you want, we could be runaways, running from, any sight of love,” finishing that with “There ain’t nothing, there ain’t nothing here for me, there ain’t nothing here for me anymore, but I don’t want to be alone.” These are strange lyrics, “Desperado” sounds though she is implying that her current disposition possessed an undesirable love (at that time of course, who knows maybe even nearly 4 years later today too) that is to be escaped from yet in the same breath the impulse to stay. Whatever it is, Rihanna feels that she is enduring it because she simply doesn’t want to be alone as she shows her awareness her uselessness in this strange place that has nothing to offer her anymore.

When the Hijinks Is The Leading Light

That individualism behind Rihanna’s well perpetuated and successful brand is the subject of topic behind the albums packaging itself. Everyone knows there has always been this bad girl, fun but misbehaving, troublemaking and perverse aesthetic to Rihanna's powerful, fascinating, highly influential charm. The album ANTI encased “Sex With Me” which enacts a facet of this confident and feminine empowered energy inspiring in its own way. Another cut from ANTI that does, is the extraordinarily natural “Bitch Better Have My Money” that emphasizes the seriousness and strict that Rihanna also encompases possibly mistaken from her playful history in the night of her past partylife which is well documented as well. I’ll admit I was led by those paparazzi views at Rihanna, which could lead to misinterpretation of her intentions as she actually likes to fry bigger fish, which can be interpreted through the significant album artwork shot of her in the twig like braids, tie, and suit on a dark blue/greenish backdrop. The very additions of Rihanna’s appeal via paparazzi, on yachts living her best life, front row at fashion shows decked out in expensive jewelry, chiefing probably the cannabis grown on exoplanets from some nearby exoplanet in the Milky Way galaxy. Have become the mere aspirations behind the output of Rihanna’s many fashion/ cosmetic businesses that continue respectively to excavate and proliferate.

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