Ariana Grande Performs 'Needy' in Live Debut via 2019 iHeartRadio Awards

Ariana gets Emotional Live on iHeartradio Awards in sit down act.

Ariana took to the Forum in Los Angeles to debut ‘Needy’ Live at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in a serene sit down performance. The ballad ‘Needy’ was taken from one of two of latest LP’s in which where dropped within 6 months from one another. The track was beautifully sung by the ‘Thank u, next’ Pop Star on FOX Live and was taken well by the audience as normality for the songstress.

The single is an emotional plead and an acknowledgement of needy traits that could be possibly troubling and alter a significant others course of mental in dealing with Ariana. She implies transforming her feelings into an astounding, overwhelming chaos. She's experienced the ringer in the previous two years—the Manchester shelling, Mac Miller's passing, a hurricane commitment that transformed into a chaotic open split. Her vocal performance doesn’t miss a beat and is pretty direct in thesis considering the lyrics and that all was wrapped in live band entertainment, exaggerated orchestration, and Grande’s angelic seeming involvement.

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