Normani & 6LACK give Bone Chilling Performance of 'Waves' on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in Debut Performance

Normani gives an Epic Performance in her first Live on Television of ‘Waves’

Normani has evolved into an astounding Live Vocalist with alot of control over her instrument as her performance leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. Yet she still didn’t do much, not in lazy context but it gave very chill vibes that invoked even from a choreography perspective.

Normani is not an artist that can be drawn in a straight line as she is still a tester of the water in terms of strategic musical acts, and her involvement in the music world as a Solo Artist or what her vocal agility can even bring for that matter. 6LACK also brought it as well bringing his tone down a notch while owning his stability over the performance, yet Normani seemed a bit held back. Almost like a teaser of what she can bring to the table or what she has to offer in LP or EP form.

The song ‘Waves’ is meant to give aesthetic pleasure and meant to radiate relaxation which describes the dance moves Normani put on stage following her dancers, a dark and invisible thick warmness, the track can be listened to above.


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