Cardi B Files Lawsuit at Youtube Blogger over Herpes, Prostitution, and Drugs Claims

TMZ reports Cardi B is Suing Blogger over Herpes, Prostitution, and Drugs.

A story that caught fire in the blogger-sphere Cardi B has elevated to court dealing with former stripper Star Marie Ebony Jones, & Tasha K from unWinewithTashaK. What has pushed Cardi B to stand up for herself through court the Tasha K's lawsuit was filed because of 24 videos Tasha K published on YouTube over the past 14 months, that and much more. According to TMZ

Social media enthusiast, former stripper Star Marie Jones went on a blog media spree where she claims to knowing, living, and helping Cardi B. There was an entire debacle on this issue about 6 months ago and it kind of went away. Cardi B threatened to sue Tasha K & Star Marie Jones for defamation. Tasha K did an interview with Star Marie and much was revealed in the interview that sparked alot of conflict. Tasha K went so far as to rendering radio-style studio space to bring an authentic radio interview aesthetic to the discharge of information considering this was about Cardi B.

Cardi B did reach out to credible, rivalry of unWinewithTashaK, "LovelyTi2002" who can be found on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook as well. LovelyTi held the alternative aspect before the controversial interview between Tasha K and Star Marie as the story broke from LovelyTi's Instagram page. Cardi B called LovelyTi and told her that Star Marie Jones was telling lies in the interview that has since garnered millions of views and says she never would allow a stranger into her home, and that she knows of her but not like that. Cardi B also called out the discrepancies that Star Marie was speaking of in the interview with unWinewithTashaK. Star Marie claimed that she helped Cardi B out with feminine products, used undergarments and took Cardi B under her wing and introduced her to the Strip scenery, meanwhile LovelyTi proved a ton proving Star Marie Jones to be a complete malacious, fame seeking fraud. LovelyTi states in the video where she claims that Cardi B contacted her, that Cardi B told her "yeah I may not have had a lot, but I was doing good for myself".

In this video LovelyTi showed how Cardi B was in big budget Music Video's with French Montana etc. at the same time that Star Marie claimed that she was helping Cardi B to all other kinds of wild things as her experience living with Cardi B.

In the “Empressive” channel video below, a video is released and shown of Cardi admitting to submitting to sex agreements, drugging men in the past and robbing them when no one would help her, out.


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