R. Kelly Presumes Innocence After 2nd Discharge from Jail Amid 'Surviving R Kelly" Fiasco

R. Kelly Posts His Bail of $160k and is Released from Jail again.

Paul Beaty/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Paul Beaty/AP/REX/Shutterstock

It’s open season on R. Kelly
— R. Kelly's Attorney

Beset R&B vocalist R. Kelly left the Cook County Jail on Saturday for the second time in about fourteen days, in the wake of paying more than $160,000 in past due kid support. The artist recently had undergone three evenings in prison two weeks back after he was not able post bond in the wake of being charged in four sex abuse cases. Kelly's bond was posted by a Romeoville lady who progressed toward becoming companions with the vocalist in the wake of meeting him on Lake Michigan voyage, agreeing Kelly's dear companion Don Russell.

Kelly's most recent three-night remain in prison came after a judge requested him bolted ready for avoiding what his ex said was over eight months in financial installments for child support for his three kids.

Kelly was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt under a splendid red winter coat when he left the correctional facility at 27th Street and California Avenue with protection lawyer Steve Greenberg just before early afternoon, around a hour after he had the capacity to assemble the weighty aggregate of child support due cash.

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Steve was asked if Robert speaking out and doing an interview hurt his case or helped it and he felt that there isn’t much that R. Kelly can do now to appear more truthful or less truthful about the surroundings of the fiasco. Steve stated that everything that Kelly does is being criticized and scrutinized and that the only thing that really can be done is bringing evidence to the table to be dealt with in court.

A lot of controversy has surrounded this disturbing allegations and it has been swaying in both ways from the defendant to the prosecutors. The lawyer relays that there is a 100% presumption of innocence that peruses in this countries court system and that the jury has the ultimate duty to prove R. Kelly is guilty. This has been the ongoing and probably will be for a long time. Well keep this updated as this continues to develop.


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