Megan The Stallion Joins Forces with Bhad Bhabie on 'Bestie' Rap Song & Drops Hot Bars

As it’s Reportedly Requested by Radio Stations for an Alternative Version Minus Kodak Black over the Nipsey Hussle related ban from a lot of Radio Stations.

Courtesy of Instagram/ @bhadbhabie & @thestallion

Courtesy of Instagram/ @bhadbhabie & @thestallion

Bhad Bhabie and Megan Thee Stallion just dropped another coordinated effort, and I can sincerely say I didn't see this coming in any capacity. The joining of these two Femal MCs is unadulterated, clamorously great; it's a remix of Bhabie's recently released a track that will presently live on as the go-to tune for BFFs who love both chaos and melodic . 

Bhad Bhabie, otherwise known as Danielle Bregoli, initially dropped the track featuring Kodak Black. Be that as it may, on this remix highlighting the musical answer to our petitions, Megan Thee Stallion, Bhad Bhabie quickly dispatches into her unique publicity up refrain, leaving Megan to totally destroy it in the second half. "You hoes better not fuck with my best friend/ 'Cause if she don't like you bitch then I don't like you either," is ostensibly the main precept in the authoritative guide of the ideal relationship, and with Megan's' Hottie' branded expansion to the track, this melody will formally go down as the official Urban pop lady tune collab of the Century.


Lil Yachty began acting moronic in the Instagram remarks similarly as Bregoli reported the arrival of the tune late Thursday evening, asking "was my verse that weak" because of the album artfeaturing Bregoli and Megan. In light of Bregoli's brief reaction, Ya'chty was never anyplace close to that track, and was simply attempting to work up show that he was avoided from the polished product. Regardless of whether he wastheoretically wanted to be on this remix, I'm happy he wasn't in the finished product, since we need none of that unfunny buddy vitality anyplace close to this showstopper. 

Regardless of whether Bhad Bhabie and Megan Thee Stallion aren't BFFs, all things considered, and are companions that exist with the end goal of this track, I will envision that they are a clamorous ride-or-bite the dust that has no space for haters to divide them. 

Watch the video below!

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