Cardi B Accepts Bazaar ASCP Rhythm and Soul Award as Songwriter of the Year "Thank You ASCAP, This Is An Honor For Me"

Cardi May Be Pressed With 14 Astounding Indictments Including Felonies but Went Straight to Receiving Her Songwriter of the Year Award in Honor & Good Spirit.

On June twentieth Cardi B acknowledged her honor as the main female rapper to win ASCP Rhythm and Soul Awards Songwriter of The Year .Cardi when taking the honor shouted that “I am very grateful.” She proceeded to talk on how now and then female rappers are set against one another and in some cases questions in the event that she is buckling down enough, Cardi closes the discourse by saying “Thank you very much, ASCAP. This is an honor for me." ASCAP celebrated our unparalleled roster of music legends, past and present, at the 34th annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards on June 20, 2019. The event recognized special honorees Motown Records and T.I., in addition to honoring the songwriters and publishers of the most-performed ASCAP songs of the past year on the R&B/hip-hop, rap and gospel charts.

Cardi prior at night even performed "Bartier Cardi" including 21 Savage, "Ring" highlighting Kehlani and "I Like It," Congrats Cardi for leaving a mark on the world.


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