[LP Review] Tame Impala’s Perfection of a Smooth, Layered and Intergalactic Journey of Letting Go and Building the Perfect Intimacy with Album Currents

Click above to Listen to Currents by Tame Impala on  VIBBIDI  /  #Currents #Pop #TameImpala #Dance #DancePop #House #SynthPop #AltIndie #DanceRock #rock

Click above to Listen to Currents by Tame Impala on VIBBIDI / #Currents #Pop #TameImpala #Dance #DancePop #House #SynthPop #AltIndie #DanceRock #rock

This Psych-Rock Australian artist is so flawless with his craft and clearly deserved the Grammy Awards for he received for Best Alternative Music Album and the ARIA Music Awards he won for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year for Currents in 2015. For me Tame Impala truly took my breath away with how amazing he gets down in the studio producing and the vocals that he lays, I was in love when I first heard him and ever since then. I love Tame Impala’s way with words, “I’m a man, woman. Don’t always think before I do. ‘Cause I’m a man, woman. That’s the only answer I’ve got for you. I’m a human, human,” leaving a wondrous effect on the mind, with flexible outlooks. “I have a conscious and its never fooled but its prune to being overruled, You wanna know what I always think I’m bind by, you never accept defeat or let it slide,” showing a transparency in a weakness and showing of defeat in the song “Cause I’m A Man.” These are just a few of the risks that Tame Impala takes on Currents, but the production is also out of this world and doesn’t seem or feel like this was by mistake. There is a massive woke energy present on Currents it doesn’t fade or disappear clearly there is a recycling theme of consciousness. The album also stikes a new embarking in music than we’ve seen before on former albums as we see Tame Impala transitioning to more a dance disposition with fixations of guitar & synthesizers, for some club crossover rock star hits.

The Breakup Behind That Lead Into ‘Currents’

Let’s just be honest that good music like what Currents delivers doesn’t always have pretty reasoning behind the inspiration that conjured the material up. It can be part of that but it doesn’t always automatically equate wholly from this. There is some beautiful, transformative, morphing that Tame Impala undergoes in spirit through the album. For instance in the opening “Let It Happen”, Kevin Parker clearly comes to terms with the calling of the need for change in his life as it’s in the title of the track itself. I love how I can run to this album when I want to let down my guard while exemplifying growth in my perspectives about love. The love relationship that he had with his former girlfriend French-song writing Melody Prochet had to be something truly special because they are both musicians, having produced an album of hers, and it’s said it’s understandable how he went into a deep inner space afterwards while producing Currents. This is definitely an important factor when considering how Tame Impala could release such an amazing and powerful LP. Kevin is so cognizant of the atmosphere and flowing process of how he writes, produces, how he envisions the music which we ultimately lift to the successful realms as the audience. Tame Impala revealed going so far as to even taking “swimming breaks” during the recording calling it “the ultimate purifier.” I know this is going to sound a bit reaching but he really reminds me of myself when I’m producing as I have a common self-awareness and self-discipline which compliment facets of the arts, I produce to a better place also. Kevin Parker tells Maxim, an international men's magazine about Currents, “I felt like, this way the album is even more my heart and soul, my blood, sweat, and tears.” This is something I truly can Identify with when it comes to projects, I’m putting my attention on which I’m highly selective about. I love to devote my time instead of just tossing it around so I feel like it’s what comes across in what you it is your focusing on.

Showing Out

Let’s just give credit where credit is due when it comes to the soaring, amazing, smooth vocals that Tame Impala put into Currents, sometimes I was even getting the vibes of the Beatles & the Beach Boys. Seriously, it's truly hard to deny that the album sounds like it was made in these times but more so portrays an aged Classic record as well that went through a little polishing. I mean seriously who is the alien of a music creator that is Tame Impala, even Roc Nation had to step in as Rihanna and her team acquired “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” for a debut on Rihanna’s eighth studio album Anti from Spinning Top in which Tame Impala and his team says, “We’re all really happy with how the song turned out, love it!” A signaling of Rihanna’s own withdrawal from the social and music world versus her previous presence, in efforts to grow and further develop as well which made it perfectly fit to make the cut on Anti. “I can just hear them now, ’How could you let us down? ‘But they don’t know what I felt or see it from this way around. Feeling it overtake, all that I used to hate, worried ‘bout every trait, I tried but it’s way too late. All the signs I don’t read. Two sides of me can’t agree, when I breathe in too deep, going with what I always longed for.” The opening verse of “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” is just completely classical and will be timeless through time. For me and I never ever want to know a time without this song whether it’s Rihanna’s version or Tame Impala’s. Rihanna did such a flawless job covering this song it’s almost as if the song was made for her to sing and with her essence completely in mind. Rihanna even told MTV that she wanted a song that she could perform fifteen years down the line and that’s something that probably everyone remembers about Rihanna’s intentions behind ANTI.

Tame Impala has the Vocal Resonance of Classics like Beatles or Beach Boys

The vocals that Tame Impala implemented in Currents is just completely crazy he can really take you to a lucid mind space with his vocal abilities. Like the falsettos that Kevin Parker hits in this album are crazy and completely inspire me as I’m a singer myself so he really helps me exercise my chops. Kevin Parker has a super high range of voice control and it just soars all through the album Currents, he really makes the music and the words slowly propel through the glides of his melodies curated suitably for his vocal range. It sucks that people have to make such a big deal with the comparisons of Kevin Parker’s vocal agility with how his falsettos sound similar to the falsettos of John Lennon. The dilution that it sort of gives Tame Impala’s originality is unnecessary. “I’m really putting myself out there vocally more than I have before. I usually bury my vocals and sing quite ethereally and stick in a laser beam melody washed in reverb,” says Kevin Parker also adding “ Here I just forced myself to put myself out there and really try something more than what I would feel comfortable doing with a vocal performance.” I can hear that in Currents as it sounds like Tame Impala wasn’t afraid to take the risk vocally where it could’ve been further implementation of being “weak” like in the song “Cause I’m A Man.” No, Kevin Parker wasn’t afraid to go there on the album Currents, when he even says himself “The song is about how weak men are, basically, and how we make all these excuses but really we’re just these odorous male members of the animal kingdom”.

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Click above to read this context on VIBBIDI.


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