Megan Thee Stallion Twerks to Lizzo Playing Her Flute for Some Hot Girl Summer Fun

Lizzo & Megan Thee Stallion team up for the ultimate Hot Girl Summer session.

"Hot girl summer" has arrived. What's more, we have Megan Thee Stallion to thank for authoring the term.

Courtesy of Instagram / @Lizzobeeating & @thestallion

Courtesy of Instagram / @Lizzobeeating & @thestallion

While you were inside thinking of the team up between Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion in ‘Hot Girl Summer’ a new track to kickoff the weekend, the rapper was occupied with "Juice" artist Lizzo doing the most "Hot girl summer" action known to mankind: a woodwind cut twerking.

What's more, fortunately, Lizzo posted the video on her Instagram. "When Ariel, Ursula and Nala link up," she composed, labeling Megan and — to some degree mysteriously — Beyoncé, making reams of fans leave befuddled remarks under the video.

Courtesy of Instagram / @Lizzobeeating & @thestallion

Courtesy of Instagram / @Lizzobeeating & @thestallion

"Am I the only one who was waiting for Beyoncé to pop up," a thought of one analyst, while others ideally proposed Queen Bey maybe held the camera.

"I was deadass waiting for Bey to come out and just realized it was that damn statue," included another.

Too bad, doubtlessly the Beyoncé notice is a reference to the lion statue to one side of Lizzo — the pop ruler plays Nala in Disney's revamp of The Lion King all things considered. Lizzo appeared to assign herself and Megan as other Disney characters from The Little Mermaid, ocean witch Ursula and our fundamental mermaid Ariel, for the motivations behind this unfathomable exercise.

We, for one, are appreciative for this "Hot girl summer" blessing.

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When Ariel, Ursula and Nala link up @beyonce @theestallion

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