[TRACKLISTING] Subtleties To Know in Taylor Swifts 'Lover' Album Launching in Less Than a Month

Taylor Swift's seventh collection, Lover, is practically here!

Courtesy of Instagram / @Taylorswift

Courtesy of Instagram / @Taylorswift

Taylor Swift's seventh LP, Lover, is practically here! Subsequent to coming back to music with her offbeat single "ME!" in April, the vocalist as of late uncovered a couple of more insights regarding her up and coming collection. During an Instagram Live, Swift declared a fresh out of the plastic new tune called "The Archer," and she likewise gave us a look at the grand renditions of her new collection, which will incorporate some exceptionally cool amazements for devoted Swifties to celebrate the thirteenth year of her profession. As we persistently hang tight for Aug. 23 to at last touch base, here are every one of the subtleties we have about her seventh collection up until now.

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1.) There Are 18 Tracks on the Album

Prepare for much more tunes this time around! During an Instagram Live video in June, Swift uncovered that the collection will include 18 tracks as shown below .

1) I Forgot You Existed

2) Cruel Summer

3) Lover

4) The Man

5) The Archer

6) I Think He Knows

7) The Americana and The Heartbreak Prince

8) Paper Rings

9) Cornelius Street

10) Soon You’ll Get Better (feat. Dixie Chicks)

11) Death By A Thousand Cuts

12) London Boy

13) False God

14) You Need To Calm Down

15) Afterglow

16) ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)

17) It’s Nice To Have A Friend

18) Daylight

2.) There Will Be 4 Deluxe Versions of the Album

Much the same as with her Reputation magazines, Swift is making four fancy renditions of the collection with Target. Every booklet will incorporate Swift's own journal sections, dated right back to when she was 13. During an Instagram Live video in July, she included that the booklets incorporate at no other time scene photographs, drawings, and even the first verses of "All Too Well."

3.) She Started Working on the Album Right After the Reputation Tour

During a radio meeting with Zach Sang, the artist uncovered the collection was at that point finished before she discharged "ME!" in April. "I like to be able to have the information to give [before I release a lead single], and when I have something done, that's when I can fully plan and make it the most fun experience for fans," she clarified. Truth be told, she really begun taking a shot at the collection after the Reputation visit finished. "I started working on it pretty much immediately after, but I did have a lot of ideas I'd been cultivating while I was on tour," she disclosed to Kiss 92.5. "I pretty much got into the studio when I got off tour and stayed there. I was very ready to make the next thing. I knew exactly what I wanted to make next."


4.) It Will Be Very Different From Reputation

On the off chance that Swift's bright and energetic "ME!" music video didn't give it away, this seventh collection will be a finished 180 from her Reputation collection. In an iHeartRadio talk with, Taylor said the new time will be "mischievous," "glittery," and "a little bit more playful than last time." During a meeting with Zane Lowe for Apple Music's Beats 1, she additionally uncovered the collection will be "progressively fun loving and in reality internal confronting" from the "protective tone" of Reputation. "Like, when you get into this album, it's much more about me as a person — no pun intended with the song title. But it's kind of taking those walls, taking that bunker down from around you that I felt like I had to put up . . ."

5.) There Are a Lot of Emotional Songs

While "ME!" was surely fun and light, Swift included that the single doesn't really "sum up what the album is" in general. Actually, she prodded that fans can expect significantly progressively passionate tracks with "in-depth lyrics." "The album has lots of different emotional tones to it, in the same way that a person is never going to just be happy all the time," Swift relayed. "When I make an album, it's never just going to be a happy album."

6.) The Album Cover Is a Pastel Dream

During her Instagram Live in June, Swift gave fans a look at the collection spread, which highlights the artist before a rainbow setting and a heart around her eye.

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