Whisper Naked Shadow Screening in Brooklyn of 4X Award WInning TV Mini-series Along with a Special Q&A Hosted by Actress Anna Scholler

Whisper Naked Shadow hits Crown Heights of Brooklyn for a Screening of Award Winning TV Mini Series


The web series Whisper Naked Shadow is Debut of a Television mini-series (slated quantity of episodes) Whisper Naked Shadow. Screening of the initial 4 installments pursued by a Q&A with the amazing and talented cast and crew.

Sofie Robin and Viki are really customary undergrads and roommates. Managing all the super customary college scholar issues. Step by step instructions to comply with intense time constraints, finish tests, make some money and if conceivable additionally have some life as an afterthought. So its totally awkward to them and their companions Lea and Harvey, when Sofie starts strolling around the level bare out of the blue, Robin resorts to murmuring and Viki? Viki transforms into a total psycho it appears.

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