Lil' Kim, Mya, and Chilli Pay Rihanna's Home a Visit in Barbados with the Girls Cruise Gang

What if Hip-Hop/ R&B Icon's of the 90’s & 2000’s Show up at your Childhood Crib?

A week ago Lil' Kim, Mya, Chili, B.Simone, Pretty Vee, and two of Kim's closest companions set sail on their get-away through the Caribbean. Today the women and the group of the extreme yacht end up in Barbados for some enjoyment on the current week's scene of Girl's Cruise.


The scene opens up with B.Simone and Pretty Vee getting breakfast. When they plunk down to eat, they see Chef and Dreads deliberately in their viewable pathway working out. Needing to concentrate on the most significant dinner of the day, they get the two fit group individuals to leave. The two Wild 'N Out cast individuals bond over a discussion about certainty and being their identity proudly.

Lil' Kim, Chilli, Mya, Tiffany, B. Simone, Pretty Vee and Char visit Rihanna's childhood home, and Lil' Kim and Pretty Vee confront Mya about forgetting Tiffany's name. #VH1 #GirlsCruise Subscribe to VH1: Lil' Kim and her friends Chilli, Mya, Vena E., B.

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