The Camaraderie of Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion: Two Go Live Together; Talks Respect, New Album, College, and The Megatron Challenge

In a cool snapshot of Hip-Hop/Rap camaraderie' the Nicki & Megan hopped on Instagram Live and showered each other with adoration, acclaim, and esteem. 

With female rap having an incredible resurgence lately generally speaking, Megan Thee Stallion has developed a cutting edge of the new wave of women turning up the support for each other. All things considered, as she keeps on actuating her Hot Girl Summer, she's offering props to the individuals who preceded her – to be specific Nicki Minaj. Megan Thee Stallion first expressed her love and admiration of Nicki Minaj since 2008 and that she still puts people onto Nicki’s throwback tracks “Slumber Party” and “Freaky Girl” from Nicki’s catalog. Along with that Nicki Minaj thanked Megan Thee Stallion for ‘popping her Instagram live cherry’ as she’d never done it before not knowing how to initialize it where she had to pick from a list Megan’s actual name, because Megan’s request somehow didn’t come through. 

“Since mf 2008 and I couldn’t listen to rap music on my own,” Megan explained in glee of being on Live with Nicki Minaj. “Thank you, I appreciate it so much “ Nicki Minaj said before congratulating Megan Thee Stallion on doing her thing, rapping, writing and going to school. We all know how much Nicki minaj loves that saying “You know I’ve always been about school, when it wasn’t popular to talk about it, I always thought that was dope thing.” Nicki Minaj encouraged her to finish school saying “My only regret in life was not going to college, that’s my only whole regret in life I just wanted to go to college, and just to say I didn’t have that experience I always feel like when I see people go to college I’m living vicariously through them. AND YOU BETTER NOT DROP OUT!” The two laughed hysterically as Megan Thee Stallion assured that she is going to finish her senior year. 

Nicki Minaj inquired Megan Thee Stallion on what her major in college is in which she discloses that she is studying Healthcare Administration because she wants to open assisted living facilities in her home town Houston, Texas. Nicki Minaj tells Megan Thee Stallion to literally fulfill that purpose because sometimes we come in life with more than one callings in life and that her dreams on opening those facilities she can still do even though she is in music, that when Megan fulfills that goal of hers that it will be a whole blessing in itself that will give back to her.

They also touched on the #MegatronChallange after singing along to some throwback Nicki Minaj lyrics before Nicki Minaj inquired Megan Thee Stallion for her advice on choosing the winners as this was her task for the day. “It was a lot of dope females in the competition and, okay, you can help me with this question. Is it unfair for me to do a poll? Because if certain girls or certain guys have a lot of foul fans, then their fans will vote,” Nicki Minaj explained to Megan Thee Stallion.

“You have to do it because it wouldn’t be right, because if you didn’t pick it and let the internet pick it you know what I’m saying if you let the internet pick it then its not…[..] they want to know your opinion” Megan Thee Stallion explained. Nicki Minaj continued on saying that the #MegatronChallange is suppose to conclude only 3 winners but that there were four people that she loved that really bodied the challenge and showed out.

They reached a resolution with Megan adding the perfect encouragement to Nicki Minaj fans “you didn’t make it this go around but that doesn’t mean you won’t make it the next round.” where nicki Minaj says “THAT IS IT, y’all wanna know what my motto is for this challenge,” further referring to Megan’s words of encouragement and that there would be future challenges to come in the future . Nicki Minaj says “I so fu*ks with that, and that’s what we’re going to go with I’m just going to say, this is who I love. You other girls will get honorable mentions, I’ll let them know I love them and that's that.” 

Nicki Minaj transitions the subject asking Megan Thee Stallion, “what else is on the board to be discussed?” Megan relays that she is dropping a new Hot Girl Summer single that is featuring Ty Dolla $ign, further implicating her inability to get Nicki Minaj (yet) on a song because of The Queens hectic schedule, in which Nicki Minaj playfully avoided further discussing. Megan continues on saying that it’s all good because she’s working on her new album and just began recording. Nicki Minaj asked when Megan plans to release her album and Megan assures there is no release date.

Nicki Minaj also gave advice to Megan Thee Stallion on her new album as Megan announced that she just began production on her first album, where, the Queen of Rap is needed. “It’s good that you have a good energy going into the recording and it’s going to make it fun and your feeding off of the fans energy too.” 

Unless maybe you’ve been living under a rock, Megan Thee Stallion has fans that show her raw love everywhere they can, including on stage, backstage, and basically anywhere Megan shows up her fans are absolutely crazy nuts about her and know every single last lyric she raps eerily similar to Nicki Minaj and her loyal fanbase.  

Shot By @emilioccoochie A behind the scenes look at Megan performing at 2 shows in 1 night! #RealHotGirlShit

Nicki Minaj advised Megan Thee Stallion on how to go about in the recording studio saying “I would say don’t over think it and don’t beat yourself up because let me tell you something, all them times I be working on albums I stress myself the fu*k out and then when I kind of just let my hair down [so to speak with stuff] like freestyles and stuff, that’s what they love.” Megan Thee Stallion explained how she relates to that saying “Exactly, everytime I make the song I’m like no this ho* gotta be hard, it’s gotta do this and I gotta do that but as soon as I do a freestyle everybody is like ‘ooohhhh yeah, viral’ and I’m like damn! I wasn’t even thinking about that sh*t.” 

Nicki Minaj brings them to a common place saying “Plus were school girls in our brain and we write so automatically we treat it like work, and I found out when I treat it like fun and like playtime I get better results so it’s just weird, so I would give you that as a suggestion. Feed off of that energy all of that good energy that your getting put it into that, because it’s almost like the world can dictate for you, like they’ll your song or your album for you.” Nicki Minaj continued by saying “When I first came out I had such a strong thing with my fans that it was just like ‘fuc*k the world these are my babies and they got me and I got them. Who ever don’t get it their going to catch up, they gone catch up” 

After Megan exclaims “I Love You!” Nicki Minaj ended the live saying “But I really, really appreciate you and even though we’ve been joking a lot I want to tell you that it means a lot to me all of the nice and the sweet things you’ve said,” saying that she loves Megan Thee Stallion back. 

Check out the amazing camaraderie below on the fabulous @Empressive channel in the clasp below, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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